Arloesiadur is a collaboration between Nesta and Welsh Government to map innovation in Wales. We have used new data to measure and visualise Wales’ industry, research and tech networks with the goal of informing policies that drive growth.


Nesta is a global innovation foundation. We back new ideas to tackle the big challenges of our time. Nesta’s innovation mapping team uses new data sources, methods and technologies to measure and map innovation to inform better policies. In Arloesiadur, we have worked closely with Welsh Government and infogr8, a data visualisation agency, to map innovation in Wales.


Arloesiadur means Innovation Directory in Welsh. It is a collection of interactive data visualisations and open datasets about industrial, tech networking and research activity in Wales. You can use these visualisations to answer big questions about Wales’ industrial and research strengths, its collaboration networks and future economic opportunities. We believe that all this information can help develop policies that strengthen innovation in Wales, and improve its economic future. Going forward, we will update the data, analyse it in the Stories Section, and look for ways to bring new datasets and visualisations into the platform.


Economists and policymakers recognise that innovation - the creation and application of new ideas - is one of the main ways to address the big challenges of our time. But to support innovation, we need to understand it first. In Arloesiadur, we have tried to achieve this with new data sources, data science methods and visualisations. 

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